Stop a New Clippers Arena in Inglewood From Destroying Our Neighborhood!

The billionaire owner of the L.A. Clippers is trying to jam a new basketball arena into the heart of a residential neighborhood where thousands of people live!

We say NO!

The Clippers arena would destroy local businesses and impact thousands of residents with air pollution, traffic congestion, noise, construction and more.


Eminent Domain is Still a Threat!

Many businesses may be taken and destroyed if the City and the Clippers have their way. Click on the interactive map below to see the businesses for yourself.

The Clippers Want to Take Away Our Rights

The Clipper’s billionaire owner tried to gut a leading environmental protection law to target our community! The bill they proposed in the State Legislature would leave us exposed to harmful environmental impacts and silence our voices in the public process. The bill would even stop the courts from intervening to protect our neighborhood.
They tried to pass this dangerous bill before, and they will try again!

Stand With Us To Oppose This Plan To Destroy People's Lives And Take Private Property

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Isn’t It Time to Help Out Inglewood Residents, For a Change?

The proposed Clippers arena would be built on public land that belongs to all of Inglewood. Instead of helping a billionaire sports team owner, we think this land should benefit residents. What would you like to see on this property?

Read the Demolition Plans For Yourself

The city of Inglewood’s own official document – its Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the billionaire’s company – contains a map of the area subject to eviction and destruction, immediately next to hundreds of homes and apartments that would be directly harmed by the arena’s impacts.

The city document clearly raises the possibility of seizing private property by eminent domain: “…the City or the Authority, as applicable, may elect, in its sole discretion, to give legal notice and schedule a public hearing to consider the adoption of a resolution of necessity authorizing the acquisition of the Potential Participating Parcels by eminent domain.”

Download the official document here.

Source: City of Inglewood Exclusive Negotiating Agreement